Why Exhibit?

Fashion SVP is returning to London next year with a new home, a new format and a new focus.

The past 2 years have shown us that having good relationships with a range of clients is the key to maintaining and growing your business.  But how can you make sure that you find the right partners for future growth? And develop new and responsible relationships across all your production capabilities? 

By being introduced to potential new clients and getting to know them face to face. FSVP gives you that opportunity …..

Zoom has been a lifesaver but as far as UK brands and retailers are concerned, and as useful as the virtual world has been in this recent time of crisis, there is nothing that can beat being able to touch and feel fabrics, to look at the quality of manufacture and production up close, and to speak in person with the people who will be able to bring their vision alive, and those people are you, FSVP exhibitors.

It is time to make plans to come back to the UK, making your future growth a reality by meeting your future customs face to face.

FSVP has been the UK’s No1 apparel & accessories sourcing show for many years, but times change, and we are changing with them.

UK brands and retailers are looking for specifics, for solutions tailored to their needs.  Broad brush events are no longer effective, niche and specific solutions are now required, and all the while looking at sustainability in the manufacturing process, ethical operations and production and matching of requirements.

To meet the new needs of UK brands and retailers FSVP has evolved;  we will be running several events each year focused on specific sector requirements such as Knits & Jersey, Denim and Leisure / Sports wear, Outerwear etc  Visitor attendance will be invitation only and all visitors will take part in a matching process to find out specifically what they require at this point in time so that we can make efficient and effective introductions for our exhibitors.

The first 2022 event will be in April and will be focused on knit & Jersey manufacturers.

So, if you want to meet key UK brands and retailers, and you have knit and jersey production capabilities, then click here and I can send you our matching questionnaire, a floorplan and media pack

Be one of the very first manufacturers that UK brands and retailers have seen face to face in over 2 years!

Do not miss this amazing opportunity.

“The best part is we’ve already met 50-60 people here with great opportunities. People are looking for wholesale too and that’s good. People are really appreciating our product as they haven’t seen such products. Even Harrods and Selfridges, so I’m really happy!”

Puneet Dhanda

Sales Director, Veerswaraj