“I’ve been coming to the show for the past 7 years and it’s a great show to come to. There’s lots of product here from tailoring to knitwear to denim. The guest speakers are great and give you an insight into what others are struggling with or what they are finding positive in the industry. I would highly recommend you come to the show!”

Jane Wach

Head of supply, Oasis

“We had a VERY good show at Fashion SVP! It was our first show and we are already busily working away on the great contacts we made, including two prominent luxury childrenswear retailers. As a Portuguese manufacturer, it was a good exhibition for the English market, but also France and even Australia!”

Sofia Sousa

Kiddytex, Portugal

“It’s a great place to come as you haven’t got to spend excessive travel budgets and you get to see los of suppliers all in one place, and at the same time hear lots of interesting people speak”

Fay Tear

Production Director, Karen Millen

The UK’s leading event for fashion sourcing

FSVP is designed specially for people wanting to meet directly with leading fashion manufacturers, to discover what the world of manufacturing has to offer.

FSVP has been the No 1 sourcing event in the UK for over 10 years, and the ONLY UK event dedicated 100% to apparel and accessory sourcing. The show has been an invaluable resource for UK brands and retailers, featuring world-class exhibitors so you can meet and evaluate potential new suppliers on the spot.

FSVP recently also introduced a matching and introduction service to enable you to make the most of your limited time and ensure that you get to meet a range of potential manufacturers, all suited to your specific requirements and all capable of meeting your needs.

FSVP is returning to London next year with a new home, a new format and a new focus…

The past 2 years have shown us that having good relationships with a range of partners is the key to maintaining and growing your business, particularly when times are difficult and you need to be flexible and adaptable and you need your partners to flex and adapt with you. But how can you make sure that you find the right partners for future growth? And develop new and responsible relationships across all your production requirements?

By being introduced to potential new clients and getting to know them face to face. FSVP gives you that opportunity…

Zoom has been a life saver, and as useful as the virtual world has been in this recent time of crisis, there is nothing that can beat being able to touch and feel fabrics, to look at the quality of manufacture and production up close, and to speak in person with the people who will be able to bring your vision alive, and those people are you, FSVP exhibitors.

It is time to make plans to come back in person, making your future growth a reality by meeting your future partners face to face.

FSVP has been the UK’s No1 apparel & accessories sourcing show for many years, but we know that times have changed, and we are changing with them…

Visitor feedback over the past 6 months has been unanimous, our visitors, UK brands and retailers, you, are looking for specifics, for solutions tailored to your needs. Huge, broad brush events are no longer effective for you, not one has days to spend at an exhibition or event, with more people working remotely all over the country your time and resources are precious, niche and specific solutions are now required, whist all the time looking at sustainability in the manufacturing process, ethical operations and production and matching of requirements to your specific business needs at any one point in time.

To meet your new needs FSVP has evolved, we will be running several events each year focused on specific sector requirements such as Knits & Jersey, Denim and Leisure / Sports wear, Outerwear etc We will be inviting visitors will take part in a matching process to find out specifically what you require at this point in time so that we can make efficient and effective recommendations and introductions for your time at the show.

Your time is an important resource, never more so than in today’s environment, FSVP can provide efficient, effective and smart solutions to all of your sourcing requirements.

The first new FSVP 2022 event will be in September 2022 and will be focused on knit & Jersey manufacturers.

The Exhibition

FSVP presents a hand-picked selection of high quality manufacturers who are able to meet the varied demands of retailers, brands and designers. Leading suppliers from the UK and across the world will be showcasing their products and services and discussing their capabilities. Services on display will include:

  • Full service
  • High quality CMT
  • Specialist processes
  • Fabric ranges
  • Complex garments
  • In-house services including design and garment testing
  • Technical services and QC

All exhibitors have been vetted by our in-house team. Suppliers from, among others, UK, Portugal, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, China, Lithuania, Mauritius, Egypt, Romania, Macedonia, Tunisia, Poland, Italy and France will be on hand to discuss their skills and your requirements.

The show brings you knowledge and information to answer all your needs, for more information and to have any of your questions answered please email info@idexmedia.com

New edition focus! FSVP has always been structured to meet the very different needs of very different visitors. The new category focus per edition will help improve the event efficiency and effectiveness for your visitors but all of our visitors needs will be catered for whatever of the following sectors you fall into:

Middle/Upper Middle Market
The core show offering has always been focused on the Middle/Upper Middle Market where we present factories with the widest range of manufacturing capabilities. These manufacturers offer visitors quality supply from around the world with production minimums generally around the 300 pcs range and many exhibitors in this category also offer in-house design capabilities.

High Volume
If you are looking for high production volumes and want to deal with only the biggest manufacturers, then these manufacturers are ideal for you.

Luxury/High End and small run
With these manufacturers, we’re able to cater for high-end and/or couture brands & retailers in the luxury sector at one end of the spectrum, as well as those offering very small runs for new and emerging brands and retailers at the other. Often minimums are low with factories well skilled in unusual or specialist fabrics and embroidery/embellishments

The very best curated selection of denim fabric, apparel and accessories manufacturing, with sustainability and ethical production being a key theme throughout. From high volume commercial production to high-end luxury, our denim section is the perfect opportunity to meet key new denim producers.

More exciting show features will be announced in the months leading up to the show – keep abreast of developments by registering here to receive news and updates.