The Denim Challenge

..or how Pioneer Denim conquered this challenge and created a re-envisioned denim future for a collection of iconic vintage looks – Creative concept by Brut Vintage & Source Denim

In collaboration with Brut Clothing in Paris and their iconic and famous vintage collection, Pioneer Denim Limited have created an amazing collection of re-envisioned classics. Brut Clothing are both an on-line vintage store as well as an incredible archive for fashion designers, artists, film makers, costume designers, and more. Brut’s collection is constantly renewed with over 1,000 references available for research and all items are carefully sourced and curated by showroom director Paul Ben Chemhoun.The original iconic pieces were selected because of the strong outerwear & military trends that we are currently seeing as the next “re-invention” of denim for the coming seasons, and Pioneer Denim took these items and used them as inspiration for the re-imagined denim versions.

The Pioneer Denim design team has taken these classics and come up with fully fashioned indigo versions, making fantastic use of their own fabrics, washes, treatments and finishes, and we are thrilled to present the results of this re-invention, side by side with the originals as a source of inspiration for visitors to the January edition of Source Denim. 

Pioneer Denim is an emerging state of the art denim fabric manufacturer and is (being part of the larger Badsha Group) vertically integrated with the largest spinning unit in Bangladesh, assuring its quality of production a step further. 

Pioneer Denim’s motto is “Make Blue, Think Green” and with this philosophy they were a natural partner for this re-worked vintage project. Pioneer Denim heavily focuses on the Environmental Responsibility of producing denim fabrics. Pioneer Denim strive to minimise the environmental impact created from the production of denim, providing sustainable denim has been at the forefront and at the core of Pioneer Denim’s goals and priorities since the beginning. 

Pioneer Denim has a world class production unit including one of the largest ETP plants in Bangladesh, with a capacity of 6000 m3/per day. Operated with biological processing as well as “re-usable” option of membrane and Reverse Osmosis (RO) re-using treated water at the facility. Pioneer Denim is already set up to meet the challenges presented by the 3R Initiative: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by 2030.  From utilising their own yarn to housing a cutting edge R&D facility, dyeing, weaving, finishing and inspection capabilities all within the same production facility give Pioneer their core strength. Their manufacturing process is high-tech with modern  machinery from the U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.  These production facilities are designed to produce the best quality denim possible. 

Don’t miss your only opportunity to see this incredible collection and pick up a copy of the brochure.

Pioneer Denim can be found on Stand SE1