Passionate about artisanal indigo, using ancient skills in contemporary ways for the products they create both Bluehanded and Jugu share much in common although they couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds.  Jess is a native Naxi from Yunnan China who grew up in the mountains with indigo crafts all round her and John an American born Brit who’s lived around the world working for luxury brands and a retail brand consultant.

Jugu means ‘mountain’ in the Naxi language and the logo its pictograph, one of the few surviving pictographic forms of writing remaining. The indigo plant is indigenous to the area and the traditional techniques of tie-dye, shibori and batik are widely used.  Jugu works with local women to create our products using traditional patterns in contemporary ways.

Bluehanded is specialising in bringing artisan fabrics to the textile market, and is dedicated to combining ancient crafting traditions from the Far East with contemporary design. Celebrating the 800-year-old art of Chinese resist printing, Blue Handed works closely with an Indigo Master to produce a comprehensive range of natural, hand dyed textiles. Bluehanded’s indigo dyed products use a resist paste printed 100% cotton, with locally sourced natural materials and ingredients that make it ethical and sustainable.

These timeless blue and white decorative patterns are made with the unique deep blue that is distinctly indigo. The ancient technique unchanged for over 800 years (Song Dynasty), are made relevant for contemporary usage

To create the intricate patterns, an Indigo Master of 50 years and his family, hand cut stencil paper is placed on the fabric, which is then passed over with a resist paste made from ground soybean and limestone. After the dyeing and sun drying process, the paste is scraped off to reveal the blue and white motifs, which makes the fabric even more soft.

Over time the fabric will develop with the personal character of its owner, like that of denim.  As is the nature of indigo, nothing is permanent and improves with age.  Bluehanded’s textiles are more then a beautiful artisanal fabric but a philosophy of life.

To learn more about these amazing manufacturers and the fabrics they create visit them on stand SJ7.


The Handloom Denim Initiative – Denim Club India

Denim Club India through their Handloom Denim Initiative comprehensively take care of the three dimensions of sustainability – economic development, social development, and environment protection, at all stages of the process of making  eco-friendly hand woven selvedge  denim.

This project is a about preserving the heritage, reviving the centuries old, traditional craft of hand-weaving, and also delivering an innovative and futuristic product, while at the same time ensuring that the hand-weaving eco-system is not disturbed in the process. In the continuing quest for innovation and offering a greener product, and providing gainful employment to a large group of people. They weave all our fabric on wooden frame, floor mounted / pit “shuttle” looms, without using any electrically operated machinery.

Social Responsibility is at the core of this handloom denim production project, since it, primarily, is a set of artisanal, hand-based processes. The project engages traditionally skilled craftspeople to carry out various tasks, enabling them to earn a respectable fair wage for the hard-work they do.  

The Handloom Denim Initiative, by Denim Club India, is a small step towards preserving the Indian culture and helping the weavers in keeping alive their traditional skill and craft, and ensuring their livelihoods.


Fashion Enter Interactive Workshops

Fashion Enter is a not for profit, social enterprise, which strives to be a centre of excellence for sampling, grading, production and for learning and development of skills within the fashion and textiles industry. With both a factory for large scale production and a studio for grading, sampling and small productions runs, both Sedex approved, they produce for leading retailers, e-tailers, designers and new business start ups.

In addition to the commercial enterprise, Jenny Holloway, CEO, is also an advocate of practical fashion education and also runs a Fashion Technology Academy in collaboration with Haringey Council, DWP and global e-tailer ASOS.com. The Academy provides a wide range of high-quality industry learning, seminars and practical courses for technical skills and brand management and is a recognised ESFA approved Training Provider for apprenticeships.

We are delighted to be showcasing Fashion Enter again at SVP this edition, and providing a ‘drop-in’ practical workshop and interactive area that all visitors, whatever your experience or level of expertise, can engage with. There is such a major return back to the UK with garment manufacturing at the moment, and this interactive area will reflect some of the skills that are required to make exceptionally constructed garments. There is also now such a large, industry wide, demand for stitching and pattern making, grading and cutting skills that the courses offered at the Fashion Technology Academy are currently full. It’s time to embrace a new era in ethical garment manufacturing and at Fashion SVP this June, you can see just how to make this a reality!

For established brands and retailers the Fashion Enter Interactive Workshop has a two tier offering;

1) Practical demonstrations and advice for more junior staff members of the entire end to end manufacturing process, from design to sampling to fabric and trim selection, to QC, final product and then on into production, delivery, logistics and stock management. Fashion Enter have a vast experience of the entire production process and will be able to impart valuable information and guidance to staff of all experience levels and across all sourcing and production departments.

Plus, 2) Advice about the apprenticeship levy, which it has been reported that currently 80% of employers are not using. This could be a great opportunity for brands and retailers to talk to someone face to face to fully understand how to utilise this tax break so that the available ‘pot’ of money is not wasted. Fashion Enter is also offering a consultation corner where you will be able to discuss the training available at the Fashion Technology Academy, the apprenticeship programme, ‘The Factory Uncovered’ workshops for existing staff and the Tailoring Academy – all designed to help established brands and retailers continue the professional development of their own teams to achieve increased overall success!

For new and emerging brands, start-up’s and designers, Fashion Enter will be demonstrating pattern cutting and sewing on industrial machines and so much more! You can bring in a sketch and get advice on how this sketch could be translated into a commercial garment, can talk about costings, where to source fabric, trims and labels etc, how to find an ethical manufacturer, discuss courses, business support and the Fashion Studio for sampling so anyone visiting our this workshop area will gain a huge amount of information to help them grow their business.

Make sure you do not miss this opportunity to meet Jenny and members of her professional and experienced team, and to learn from her vast industry experience!

The JobsForum in Association with FashionJobs.com

Do you want to find a new position? Or, are you looking for a new recruit and you want to search the widest and most experience pool to fill your vacancy? Do you want to compare salaries and experience for your next performance evaluation? For all of the above, and much more; Visit the Jobs Forum!

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We are always experimenting with new ideas to inspire and excite our visitors and ensure that you make efficient use of your time and get the maximum benefit out of a trip to Fashion SVP.

To ensure that you take full advantage of all of the FREE, educational and inspirational opportunities available, read on and plan your visit!

New for June 2019!

The June 2019 show is divided into different categories including: 

Middle/Upper Middle Market

Our core offering has always been focused on the Middle/Upper Middle Market and within this sector we will continue to support our core visitor base and promote factories with the widest range of manufacturing capabilities, this sector offers visitors quality suppliers from around the world who make everything from outerwear to underwear. Production minimums are generally around the 300 pcs range and many exhibitors in this section also offer in-house design capabilities. 

High Volume

If you are looking for high production volumes and want to deal with only the biggest manufacturers, then this section is ideal for you.

Luxury and small run

Within this new sector we are hosting manufacturers that are able to cater for very high-end and/or couture brands & retailers in the luxury sector at one end of the spectrum, as well as those offering very small runs for new and emerging brands and retailers at the other. 


Denim brings the very best of denim fabric, apparel and accessories manufacturing to the UK’s leading denim brands & retailers, with sustainability and ethical production being a key theme throughout. From high volume commercial production to high-end luxury; Source Denim is the perfect opportunity for you to meet key new denim producers.