The “Sourcing Briefings

Check out the Fashion SVP Sourcing Briefing seminars on the 16th & 17th of January

Once again, we bring lively experts to Fashion SVP for fascinating presentations, discussion and debate, using their wit & wisdom to help brands, retailers and entrepreneurs remain up-to-date with the latest challenges and opportunities in the fashion sourcing world. 


Tuesday 16th January

11.00 – 11.40: “Sustainable sourcing: fresh challenges, new opportunities

A 250% increase in consumer engagement with the sustainable fashion campaign Fashion Revolution occurred in 2017. Also, troubling new evidence shows that the fashion industry has contributed to plastic contaminating 83% of the world’s water table. How can you tap into massive growth in this interest in sustainability, and at the same time future proof your business? In this expert panel, we address: 

  • Microfibre pollution – why this matters to your business – and what you can do about it
  • How sustainable production can be a competitive advantage for your business
  • Getting buy-in on a sustainable business model from your directors and your team

Tamsin Lejeune, CEO, Ethical Fashion Group and CO moderating the discussion and debate with Safia Minney MBE, Co-founder, People Tree, Oya Barlas Bingül, Development Manager, Lenzing Group, Eric Roosen, CEO, StarSock – Healthy Seas Initiative, Senior speaker invited from Patagonia Europe


12.30 – 13.10: “Digital retail is demanding new sourcing strategies”

  • Zara and Uniqlo both grew from just one stand alone shop to around £15 billion businesses, they succeeded in disrupting the traditional sourcing model, what’s next? 
  • The world has become smaller and consumers want immediate gratification, what does this mean as a supplier to the markets?
  • The growth of digital and decline of wholesale will demand changes from the supply chain, who’s ready for this? 

Kim Winser OBE, Founder and CEO, Winser London

14.00 – 14.40: “Supply chain and production – the advantages of a balanced sourcing strategy”

  • Delivering the service customers now expect
  • Building in flexibility and lowering risk
  • Growing a sourcing strategy for the long term

Angela Gaskell, Head of Sourcing, N. Brown Group

15.30 – 16.10: “Getting off on the right track – building beneficial relationships between manufacturers and brands 

    • How manufacturers are gearing up to increasing demand for more design and product development skills
    • What should brand sourcing clients look out for on the factory floor?
    • Pitfalls at the beginning of a new relationship and how to avoid them
    • How both sides can win – by building mutual trust and a stellar performance

    Kate Stacey, Sourcing consultant & former Head of Group Sourcing, Arcadia moderates a panel discussion with leading manufacturers including Jean Christophe Lan, Tropic Knits (Mauritius), Margarida Oliveira, Triwool (Portugal) and Bulent Ozgur Torun, Creazone (Turkey).


Wednesday 17th  January

11.00-11.40: “A brand success story”

  • How we launched and grew, what we learned along the way
  • What sort of relationship does an up-and-coming brand need to have with its suppliers? – opportunities and traps
  • How to use rapid growth to your advantage with suppliers and new markets

Richard Benson, Director, Guide Clothing

12.30 – 13.10: “Sourcing and social media” 

  • Networking & growing your sourcing/professional network – and common mistakes to avoid
  • Harnessing the power of mobile to play a huge part in B2B social networking
  • Tracking & measuring your social outreach

Jon Tromans, CEO, JTID

14.00 – 14.40: “Is the fast fashion era over?”

  • Can ‘buy less, buy well’ overtake ‘buy now, wear now’ ?
  • Are customers’ changing behaviours killing off the seasonal buying model?
  • How manufacturers should adapt

Kirsty MacGregor, Deputy Editor, Drapers, moderating discussion and debate with Barbara Horspool, Clothing Director, The White Company, Brigitte Stepputtis, Creative Director, Vivienne Westwood, Melanie Wilson, Senior Director, George Clothing

15.30 – 16.10: “Sustainable Sourcing and Supply Chain Transparency” 

  • The global textiles sustainability framework – an overview
  • How certifications and audits are supporting brands and manufacturers to meet their commitments to responsible sourcing
  • CONNECTED: supply chain traceability platform
  • How CONNECTED provides full supply chain visibility to brands and manufacturers

Franco Costantini, Senior Manager – Supply Chain Services, Control Union


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