17 December 2018

Source Denim exhibitors Pioneer Denim collaborate exclusively with iconic vintage denim brand Brut Clothing to reimagine a collection of classics.

Leading fashion manufacturing and sourcing event, Fashion SVP is excited to announce that one of its Source Denim exhibitors Pioneer Denim are tackling the denim challenge head on.  The team based in Bangladesh are working with Brut Clothing in Paris, renowned for their archive of vintage denim workwear, to create a fantastic collection of re-envisioned classics, which include utility wear, flying jackets, vintage casuals and workwear and more.

The creative concept was developed by Source Denim and Brut Clothing exclusively for the return of the event at London Olympia 15-16 January 2018. 10 original iconic pieces were carefully selected from Brut Clothing’s archive, all based on the current strong outerwear and military trend.   The design team at Pioneer Denim have turned these classics into very current pieces by making full use of their own fabrics, washes treatments and finishes.

“We are thrilled to present the results of this re-invention, side-by-side with the originals as a source of inspiration for visitors to the January edition of Source Denim,” said Rhonda Dearsley, Source Denim Event Manager.

“Pioneer Denim’s motto is “Make Blue, Think Green” and with this philosophy they were a natural partner for this re-worked vintage project.

“The continuing intense scrutiny of ethics in the world of denim sourcing means brands are having to find ways to square the circle between commercial demands and practices expected of them, this partnership demonstrates just another way to manufacture denim in more sustainable and ethical ways.”

See the collection in full at Pioneer Denim’s stand SE1 throughout the duration of the event.

Fashion SVP and Source Denim takes place at London Olympia 15-16 January 2018. Registration is free at fashionsvp.com

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Notes to editors

Brut Clothing

Brut Clothing are both an on-line vintage store as well as an incredible archive for fashion designers, artists, film makers, costume designers, and more. Brut’s collection is constantly renewed with over 1,000 references available for research and all items are carefully sourced and curated by showroom director Paul Ben Chemhoun. www.brut-clothing.com

Pioneer Denim

Pioneer Denim is an emerging state of the art denim fabric manufacturer and is (being part of the larger Badsha Group) is vertically integrated with the largest spinning unit in Bangladesh, assuring its quality of production a step further. From utilising their own yarn to housing a cutting-edge R&D facility, dyeing, weaving, finishing and inspection capabilities all within the same production facility give Pioneer their core strength. Their manufacturing process is high-tech with modern machinery from the U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium.  These production facilities are designed to produce the best quality denim possible. www.pioneer-denim.com

 Fashion SVP

Fashion SVP was launched in 2012 by Idex Exhibitions, and since then has been the fastest growing trade show in the apparel sector in the UK. The exhibition features over 120 global suppliers and covers all aspects of apparel buying and production. Fashion SVP takes place at London’s iconic venue Olympia and features a range of features and conference sessions for buyers, sourcing professionals, designers, product developers and merchandisers. The event’s successful development is due in part to a specially invited Advisory Group comprised of senior professionals from retail and fashion brands. This expert group guides the concept development, helping the organisers to ensure the event meets ever changing market requirements.