Tell us about your business, how long has it been running and what’s the story behind it?

Changzhou Hengfeng Weaving Co., Ltd (“Hengfeng Weaving” or “Hengfeng” for short) is located in Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, and covers an area of 50,000 square meters. It is a modern and innovative textile enterprise which integrates production and trade into one and specialises in the development and production of denim fabrics.

The Hengfeng family has been engaged in weaving for four generations; more than one hundred years. For a long time, our dream has been to “build the company into a world-class weaving brand.” We have worked hard, developed steadily and actively implemented our strategy of “craftsmanship, inheritance, innovation and development” to grow into one of China’s most outstanding textile enterprises.

What has been passed down from generation to generation in the Hengfeng family is not only the weaving business, but a serious attitude towards product quality. We adhere to the “quality first” concept and implement stringent quality control measures. Our products strictly follow the EU OKO-TEX100 standard and AZO-FREE environmental standards. With careful production and strict quality control, we create high-quality, reliable products. 80% of our products are sold to the United States, Japan and the EU.

Are you an integrated mill? Do you produce the fabrics as well as the finished garments?

We only process fabric, and not garments. We have built a sound yarn and product stocking system and an order & delivery rapid response system to provide customers with whole-process, one-stop, high-efficiency and high-quality services.

What sort of denim do you specialise in and do you incorporate other fibres?

 We specialise in woven denim.  We have a number of ranges including:

  • Pure cotton series: Products made with natural, comfortable, soft and delicate fabrics weaved from quality cotton yarns. They are elegant and comfortable and pay attention to the details. They integrate fashion, art and lifestyle into one and are the perfect interpretation of the classic.
  • Tencel series: made from 100% natural silk with modern technology and processing. They feel soft, delicate, smooth and light.
  • Blending series: made with natural fibre and synthetic fibre through modern weaving technology and have high quality and excellent performance.
  • High-elasticity series: unique material and weaving design enhance the tensile performance of the product, reduce the sense of tension and restraint and create a unique product style.
  • Fashionable denim: with a unique texture, different styles and varied designs.

Do you specialise in any dying techniques, washes or finishes?

We do splash dying and rope dying washes and finishes too.

How are you dealing with the sustainability issues surrounding the denim industry?

While improving our production capacity, we adhere to both development and environmental protection and actively plan our transformation and upgrades. We are continually developing and applying environment-friendly technologies and equipment. For example, we now use German Orbal oxidation ditch, French Degremont Densadeg clarifier, reverse osmosis and other advanced technology to treat process waste water. We strictly implement the EU OKO-TEX100 standard and AZO-FREE environmental standards and combine clean production and comprehensive utilisation, effectively reducing pollution, saving energy and reducing emissions, and achieving environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable green development.