Tell us about your business, how long has it been running and what’s the story behind it?

Established by Mr. Vanni Soligo in 1976, EVEREST is a laundry specialising in denim finishing and garment dye treatments.  For the past 40 years, EVEREST has managed to turn its own experience into strong know-how and continuous research for garments. What distinguishes EVEREST from its competitors is its continuous research; and discovering and developing new treatments. In fact, collections are updated with new solutions, and are ahead of new trends in the market.

The sampling / collections department features 25 people, who are always looking to innovate –  creating new images, testing new fabrics and handcrafted techniques. Its research team travels across the world to attend major fashion fairs and keep ahead of the trend.

We invest heavily in research and development to stay innovative, and over the past few years we have focused on eco-friendly initiatives. We are now using new ozone machines, new laser, jet dye machines and bubble machines – we like to use these adding our ‘Italian touch’.

Since 1990 we have been growing significantly, and in 1994 launched a garment dye department. In 2000, Mr Soligo’s sons joined the company, and the following year built three new buildings to expand the business capacity to 16,000 square metres. In 2008, we launched a branch in Tunisia called EVERWASH. The idea being to help the customer develop prototypes and collections in Italy whilst relocation production to our foreign base.

Are you an integrated mill? Do you produce the fabrics as well as the finished garments?

NO, we are laundry and dyeing facility, but we can do also full package production.

What sort of denim do you specialise in?

All treatments including the wet and dry process of all denim.

Do you specialise in any dying techniques, washes or finishes?

Yes, it is our main activity in Italy where we have the R&D centre, and in Tunisia and Pakistan.

 How are you dealing with the sustainability issues surrounding the denim industry?

We have invested heavily in our machinery to specialise in eco-friendly treatments, such as the laser, ozone machines, bubble machines, jet machines for dyeing and EIM software. These help us to save water, energy, substitute chemical products, find new ways to treat garments, certify the results with software. The feedback from our customers regarding this issue is extremely positive.

How do you see denim moving into the future?

Too much denim offers low quality, we see new ways of treating denim moving it to the future – particularly by making it eco-friendly.

Have customers become more demanding of suppliers and what have the core changes been in this relationship?

Suppliers must give to the customers not only the production, but also the proposals and the research. The suppliers of machinery, fabrics and washing have in their hands all that is necessary to influence the future trends and customers more and more are depending on their suppliers for new trends/moods/developments in general.

What advice would you give sourcing professionals looking for a manufacturer?

To look at the story of the company, the employees of the supplier and less to the machinery of the supplier.

How can manufacturers and sourcing professionals improve their relationships? 

Attending fairs like Fashion SVP and meeting more often.