Tell us about your business?

Creativity, quality, trust and empathy, these are the values on which Cemsel was founded. We have since become a global manufacturer and partner for the production of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes for many world-famous brands.

Based in the heart of Istanbul since 1990, we have a great team behind us that helps us deliver the quality of AQL standards at affordable prices. And it’s this team that ensures we innovate and keep our enthusiasm for the ever-changing fashion industry.

We have strong ethical values and work tirelessly in our efforts to deliver high-quality without compromising on our social responsibility.

Added to this, we don’t want to just meet customer expectations, we want to deliver more and add value.  It’s this approach and a culmination of our many years in the industry that inspires us, and is the reason we regularly exhibit at fashion and fabric fairs in Europe and North America.

How do you work with your customers?

Research, design, produce… This simple but important principle is at the heart of all we do. We promise brand-specific and this can only be provided with excellent customer relationships. We work closely with customers, communicating regularly to create solutions to meet their need, using the skill and experience of our team and the latest in design, fabric and production innovations.

Each customer has its own Cemsel team who make sure their needs are identified are met.  Making sure the process is as smooth as possible.

Whatever the customer needs; fabric samples, a presentation of designs, a hand sewn sample or a new collection, we act as an extension of their team.

We also have our own factory where we create our designs and if the need arises we incorporate other factories into the production process.  We’ve worked with partners like this on many occasions and know that high quality standards and customer satisfaction is always retained.

Your focus on research and development?

We are always looking for new ways to innovate, and R&D plays a huge part in this process.  To increase our production volume and deliver better for customers our R&D team are at the top of their game, understanding the latest innovations in the field of fabric / accessories. With this strong proposition, we can work with customers to help them to diversify from their competitors and increase their market share. We believe that investment in R&D is the real power behind sustainable growth for our customers and our own business.

How do you approach design?

Together with our design team we monitor industry trends creating collections for our global customer base. By keeping up-to-date on accessory, fabric and product design trends and design without compromising on originality to make sure we understand our customers’ needs to deliver the nest possible designs.