Built around sustainability, Anubha Industries was launched in 2013 and only uses eco-friendly yarn. We asked more about the production process and working with sustainable denim.

Tell us about your business, how long has it been running and what’s the story behind it?Anubha Industries, a specialist in denim and piece dyed fabric, is part of this new generation that is unburdened by legacy equipment and processes.  The mill was established in 2013 and from the beginning we have made sure that our entire production process is sustainable.

Are you an integrated mill? Do you produce the fabrics as well as the finished garments?

We only produce fabric as of now.

What sort of denim do you specialise in?

Anuhba’s products are completely sustainable and the company stands behind this by providing buyers with total traceability.

We can trace our raw materials to the original source.  All vendors must provide Anuhba with certified reports on the materials that the company uses. We can provide buyers with a complete report tracking everything from the yarn to the finished product.

On the fibre side, Anuhba uses eco-friendly yarn made from 100% certified organic cotton, Fair-trade cotton, BCI cotton, Tencel, and Refibra.  Yarns are sourced domestically, which helps to shorten lead times.

All chemicals are BlueSign approved ensuring that the chemistry is completely clean.

Using an SAP system, Anuhba can provide complete tracking for both the yarn and the finished product.

Do you incorporate any other fibres, such as Lycra, Tencel etc?

Yes, we have recently partnered with Lycra to use Lycra in all our stretch fabrics. We also use Fair-trade cotton, BCI cotton, Tencel, and Refibra.

Do you specialise in any dying techniques, washes or finishes?

Anubha offers many special finishes and dyeing technology. We are using Rope dyeing technology from Morrison for our Indigo based products. We also use a mercerizing process to control our shrinkages. We also provide various types of printing, coatings and soft finishes.

Then there’s the ultra-sonic technology that has helped to reduce chemical and water consumption by about 30 percent.  This has also enabled us to use 30 percent lower heat in our washing process.

How are you dealing with the sustainability issues surrounding the denim industry?

We are fresh young company based totally on sustainability from the start. Anuhba’s products are completely sustainable and we offer our customers total traceability. We take responsibility from yarn to fabric. Anubha is also a Bluesign System partner. Bluesign is the standard that holds all textile supply chain participants to meet contemporary ecological requirements that focus on reducing environmental impact, take a holistic approach to input stream management and sustainable processes. This ensures us that we have a minimal carbon footprint on the planet.

Have customers become more demanding of suppliers? What have the core changes been in this relationship?

The market keeps on evolving and the requirement for the end customer keeps on rotating which has always been the trend. We keep our relationships with each customer very customised as their needs are very different. The markets have also increased, and no customer is bound to one geography and hence we have also perfected our service levels for our customers.