The Fashion Station

 Fashion SVP keenly supports up and coming talent from the academic and entrepreneurial worlds. 

 If you are a burgeoning new brand, a fashion entrepreneur, a pop-up retailer, a new designer wanting to launch your own brand or even a final year postgrad student, then The Fashion Station is a fantastic place to be able to network, ask questions, get practical insight and learn from the best in the industry. We have tailored this area so that you can benefit from the knowledge of the industry professionals we have gathered to provide advice and tips on a variety of subjects, such as; legal protection for your brand, the right path for sustainable and ethical sourcing, how to turn a design degree into an actual career, what are people looking for in a new designer, fashion business funding and mentoring .. and more.

Tuesday 15th January

11.00 The Impact of Social Media on designers in the activewear & swimwear market

 Nichole de Carle (London Contour Experts)

12.00 5 key questions to ask a manufacturer to start a collaboration

Elizabeth Stiles (Fashion Brand Consultant) and Catherine Erdly

13.00   The Jobs Forum Career Guide              

Expert speakers from Fashion Jobs

14.00 The size, impact and sustainability of the global production industry

Expert speakers from Common Objective

15.00 Telling Your Story- Why small brands are connecting even more with their customers and the benefits this can bring

 Elizabeth Stiles (Fashion Brand Consultant), Catherine Erdly & Sam Burgess (SocialMouth)

16.00   Business funding and mentoring

Alison Lewey, MBE

Wednesday 16th January

11.00  The Impact of Social Media on designers in the activewear & swimwear market

Nichole de Carle (London Contour Experts)

12.00   How to work with an ethical factory – transparency explained

Jenny Holloway, CEO, Fashion Capital and Fashion Enter

13.00   The Jobs Forum Career Guide

Expert speakers from Fashion Jobs     

14.00  Sustainability policies and road maps: where to begin

Expert speakers from Common Objective                     

15.00   Business funding and mentoring

Alison Lewy, MBE